Bowling Scoreboard

Save, archive, track scores on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to start?
    At first add a new game by pressing "+" (top right) in the main games list. In the preferences of this new game you can manage players via button top right. First time the players list there is empty, but later there appear the players you've used before in games. Add a new player and it is selected for your current game by default. Select/deselect players by tapping the list item, a checkmark is shown as feedback. Back in game preferences you can also manage a category/league for the game for better separation of statistical data. Then go back to the games list and choose the game from the list. In there start a new round by pressing "+".
  • How do I transfer the data to my new device?
    Since Version 3.2 you can find the stored database("scoreboard.sqlite") in the iTunes documents section of your device. You can save the database file to your computer (also as backup). Copy that file to a device to transfer the results or restore a so backed up state. By deletings this file in the documents section, you reset all recorded data. So be careful.
  • How delete a game or round?
    Try the swipe gesture (left to right) in the main view on the game entry you wish to delete. You can't delete completed rounds within a game. When you abort a running round you can choose between deleting this round or automatically filling the open frames with zero.
  • How edit a result?
    To correct a result in an incomplete round, you can touch the corresponding frame and the edit button becomes available. To do this in a complete round this procedure is a bit hidden, to avoid changes by mistake. Touching the frame for a longer time opens the frame result input view. Shortly after touching and holding a result to edit, the frame is marked by a yellow frame, which may be covered under your finger.
  • How cleanup list in player management?
    When adding players to a new game you can choose from a list of existing players. If this list becomes to large you can remove players by using the swipe gesture. Only players without any result can be removed completely. You can hide the other ones to shorten the list. Those hidden players reappear when the right button in the toolbar is pressed.
  • Where's the pin setup in my mails?
    When you send around game statistics, which include rounds where the pin tracking was used, the pin setups are included in the table below each frame(as you can see when snding the mail). If you reading you mails in a webclient or your mail software isn't capable of displaying html emails, then the pin setups aren't visible. Solution: use a real mail client (e.g. Apple Mail)