Bowling Scoreboard

Save, archive, track scores on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

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Bowling Scoreboard - the popular iOS score tracker

Save and archive bowling scores on your iOS device (iPhone,iPod touch, iPad). With this universal app you can store the result of each ball within a bowling game. Tracks all players of the match. You can browse through all results, anytime you want. Statistical data for each player will be computed over all stored games or a selected one, like best result, average, strikes, spares, baggers and many more. Every bowling game is managed like a game on a single lane. Choose some players and their throwing order. Now the results can be registered within that order. There are three ways to register the pins for a player. Simplest is to save the final result only. Second way is to register the pins each player knocked per attempt. Finally you can track the pin constellations for each attempt. Register if there was a split or the ball ended in the gutter. There is a statistical screen for each game, where you can see the current ranking for each round and a total ranking. The starting order can easily be changed inbetween rounds. Add notes for each game and round! You can include the recorded results, pin tracking, statistical data and notes of a game in a mail, same with the player statistics. Games can be categorized and seperated or combined statistics for categories(leagues) will be computed.

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